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Ceiling Texturing

Here's a run down of what we got done this past weekend.  1) Ceiling texture.  Now that the popcorn ceilings are down, it's time to pretty them up.  Work was started this weekend and should finish up the next.  2) Updated the thermostats.  3) Continued painting the living room. Walls are all done.  We still need to continue priming the ceiling.   More pictures of this next week.

New Floors Downstairs

 This weekend we had the new floors installed in the downstairs bedrooms.  I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but I have to say that I am really happy with the outcome and they look great.  Baby steps.  Progress.  Oh and we found a giant water leak from the shower of one of the bathrooms.  Just great! Now we need to also find a plumber.  If it's not one thing, huh?

Manual Labor

 It was a long weekend, but we got a lot accomplished.  The popcorn ceiling that was in the Pink Room, now isn't.  Now to get the final ceiling texturing done. I will post some after pictures soon. We also got the old flooring up in the Grey Room.  We are having the flooring company come out this week to do the final measurements to lay the new flooring in the remaining 2 bedrooms and for the new carpeting upstairs. Like I said.  We got a lot done.


 Snowbear? No, we are not out in the arctic.  No, the wildlife haven't attacked us. Here is our snowbear. We got a really good deal on a utility trailer.  We quickly realized that we needed a way to transport large stuff to the cabin, and not having a pick-up, this was the next best option.  So now we can get serious about some remodeling.

New Logos

We have new logos.  I am soooo excited.  I know, simple things make me so happy.  I found these on a public domain website and then had them tweaked.  If you need some photoshopping and logo design / creation, I got you covered.  Drop me a line and I can give you the info. So.  Here they are.      I have another 2 that I am working on, that I will share after they are done.   OK. Well that didn't take too aweful long.  Here are the other two.  They still need a little cleaning and sharpening up.  Tell us what you think in the comments below.  What's your favorite?             This weekend should be nice.  Get those kids outside while I work on scraping off the popcorn ceilings from 2 rooms.  Thankfully it's only 2 rooms.