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New Decorations

 We got some fun new decorations for the lake house.  Check out what we added and did this weekend. New bathroom shelving in the master bath. New signs that my wife and kiddos gave me for my birthday. New shelves put up in the living room.  They still need to be painted. Rearranged some things in the entry way.  Chelsea said she liked the fishes here.  I think I do too. Some more bead board put up in the kitchen.  Thank you for all your help Jim! More cabinet doors up.  New Sign on the left.  And more backsplash on the walls.  Kitchen is really starting to come together. And finally.  There was a ton of birds just hanging out, right off the dock in the water.  This picture doesn't do it justice, but it was pretty amazing. Anyway. Better get back to work see you guys next week.  Later.

Quinlan Bypass Hwy 276 Opening

 Great News Everybody!  The Quinlan Bypass - Hwy 276 is scheduled to open tomorrow.  See the details listed below. This should make the drive back and forth much easier and quicker.  It has been a long time coming and we cannot wait to try it out. Click below to see a youtube video Trophy Fish Outdoors took with their drone.  Pretty Cool! Special Thanks to Trophy Fish Outdoors for making this awesome video. UPDATE 7-25-2023 The entire bypass is now open and it is nice, plus it saves about 10 minutes.

TV Antenna

We took all the ugly direct tv satellite dishes down off the roof this weekend and replaced one of them with a huge ugly tv antenna.  It is big, but it's not really all that ugly. And it's hidden on the backside of the house on the roof. I got so tired of missing the Cowboys play and not having a reliable source for local weather. It's like 65 miles to where the towers are located, near Cedar Hill.  I really didn't believe this would work, but this was the one that was recommended to us by a guy that does antenna installs full time. Sure enough. Every channel, clear as a bell.  Super excited.

Backsplash for the Kitchen

  We decided on and have started installing some kitchen backsplash.  It will do for now until we can afford the full kitchen remodel. We finally got the front fence all painted.  Here is a photo of one of my helpers hard at work. Work is slowly progressing on the kitchen cabinets. Below you can see my assembly line process set up in the garage. Got the basketball goal up, so now the kids can get out and play. And with all the rain we have had lately, the lake is no longer below average, it is nice and full at about a foot over normal.  The water looks great.  Well better get back to work. See ya soon.