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Guidance for our Guests

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Our house uses a septic system.  3 things that can be flushed. Pee. Poop. Toilet Paper. If it didn’t come from your body, don’t put it in the potty! (Except for septic-safe TP)

    Other no-nos for septic system. No:

  • grease (kills bacteria that makes septic system effective)

  • bleach (kills bacteria that makes septic system effective)

  • sanitary napkins or tampons

  • diapers (I hope this is obvious)

  • Only flush human waste and toilet paper

  • Do not flush baby wipes even if they say "septic safe." They aren't. Please put in the trash.

We have a small hot water heater.  We hope to remedy this soon.  It's adequate enough for now, but if multiple people (more than 2 or 3) all need to take showers, please take shorter showers or be prepared to stagger them in order for the water heater to keep up.

There are 2 kitchen light switches.  One is on the wall.  The other is hidden under the counter.

Fire extinguishers are located under every sink.

The lake water level at our dock is only 3 to 4 foot deep.  DO NOT DIVE.  You will hurt yourself.  DO NOT JUMP FROM THE SECOND FLOOR OF THE DOCK.  You will hurt yourself.  Swim at your own risk.  There are no lifeguards.

NO LOUD PARTIES OR LARGE EVENTS.  This is a residential neighborhood with families and people that still have to go to work.  Please respect our neighbors and tone it down after 9:00 pm. If you wouldn't do it in your house, don't do it here!

NO SMOKING ALLOWED.  Please just don't do it.

No pets allowed.  Many of our other guests have specific pet allergies as well as several in our family. Please NO pets. If we find that there have been pets, you will be charged a $150 pet fee.  

Please do your own dishes. There is a working dishwasher.  It is perfectly acceptable to run the dishwasher with a load of dishes before you leave.  We can unload it.

There is NO GARBAGE DISPOSAL on the kitchen sink.  Please DO NOT try to put food down the kitchen sink as it goes to the septic system.

In the summer - The upstairs cools off WAY faster if the upstairs door is closed.  If it is left open, the A/C constantly runs and it doesn't seem to ever cool down.  In the winter - leaving the upstairs door open is just fine.

The blinds in most of the rooms are funny.  There is no pull cord to raise or lower the blinds.  To raise them simply lift the bottom of the blinds and raise them up.  They will stay in place.  To lower the blinds, push the bottom of the blinds back down.  To open and close the blinds, use the wand, just like regular blinds.

No Un-registered guests allowed.

Please turn off both the upstairs and downstairs thermostats when you check out to leave.

Please respect check-in and check-out times. Please let us know if you need a late check out and we will be happy to accommodate you if we are able. (We need time to get the house ready for our next guests, so please try to be considerate of check-out times)

Please take care of the house and all furnishings. You have to pay for damages.  

Please don’t rearrange the furniture.

Please take the trash out before you leave.  There (unfortunately) is no recycling in West Tawakoni.  If you place recycling in the blue trash can in the garage, we will take it to be recycled.  All other trash heading to the landfill should be placed in the outside trash can.

No illegal substances allowed on the premises.

The gas grill is available for use.  We DO NOT provide propane.  There might or might not be some left from a previous guest.  If there is, feel free to use it.

The locked closet under the stairs contains cleaning items for maids, maintenance items for repairs, and some personal items of our family.  Please stay out.  It is locked for a reason.

Bring or go buy some bug spray.  In July and August there are quite a few (mainly in the field) gnats.  And even though we spray for bugs on the entire property, sometimes by the creek, the chiggers get a bit much.

The switch upstairs for the fan on the king bed side is a smart smitch.  It does not flip up or down in the usual manner.  To turn on the fan, press the button, To turn it off, use the same button.  The speed is controlled on the fan by the pull chain.


Extra sheets are located in each closet of each bedroom and fit the bed(s) in that room.

If you have a baby or small child in tow.  We have several items at the house in case you forgot yours.  Baby items that we have include a pack and play and a baby bath and high-chair.  They are located in the garage. Tear-free (baby) shampoo is located under each sink on the bathroom.  A sippy cup is in the kitchen with the other cups.

The closet in the hallway is stocked with games.  Please keep all pieces, parts, cards and dice with each game.  Have fun.

There is an iron and ironing board should you need one.  They are located in the garage.

There are some cleaning items that can be used (should they be needed) located under the kitchen sink and in the garage above the sink.  A mop, broom, and dustpan are also in the garage.

Should you need kayaks or fishing poles or life jackets - please let us know prior to arrival.  We have them for rent at an additional charge.   Prices are as follows:
  • life jackets - $10 per vest (Let us know the age and / or sizes needed)
  • fishing poles - (not currently available)
  • kayaks - $50 per boat. (1 and 2 person capacity are both available)


If you feel like you have accidentally left any items, we will be happy to hold them for pickup or mail them back to you provided you pay for the shipping charges.  Please use the contact us box below to let us know what to be on the lookout for and where you might have left it.


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