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Beautiful sunsets. New patio furniture. New appliances. We keep updating and making the place better and better. Come hang out sometime. New washer and dryer New Fridge Porch Patio Furniture Ring Toss Compass Decor Check out our facebook page Post your fun family photos of your adventures at the Chilcottage and make sure to leave us a review there too. Remember we are now on VRBO. Lakeside Bliss 1 Hr. from Dallas - Hunt County | Vrbo Plan that fun family vacation and split up the trip into just 3 small payments.

Fireworks over the Lake

It is so much fun!  You can see the shows from both West and East Tawakoni, the various towns surrounding the lake, as well as the families shooting off their own from their lakeside docks.  Don't forget to stock up on your own fireworks at many of the local booths and shoot them off down by the water yourselves!