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My name is David.  My wife is Chelsea.  This is our family. We have 3 stinky kids that don't seem to mind us at all.  No I am kidding.  They are all pretty great kids. But they are the reason I have grey hair.  We all wanted to have a place on the lake to create some great family memories, but quickly realized that really wouldn't be possible on our salaries unless we took an extraordinary leap of faith. We decided to see if we could try our hand at hosting an AirBNB.  We have been doing most, if not all the work, and so progress is going rather slowly.  But we will soon have a place, not only for our family, but also for yours, to create those great and lasting fun times.  So check out our blog, stop by and comment, and say hi.  We can't wait to share our house with you.

This is the form to contact us.  Please feel free to let us know any of the following:

1) Any questions you might have about the place or a planned trip.

2) Anything we can do to make your stay even better 

3) Things we might consider or that we still need to improve on.


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If you would like to help us out but are unable to visit anytime soon, you can also contribute to the fixing up of the place at the links below.


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We sure do appreciate it!!!