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Fence Painting

 Started painting on all the mended fences. It was pretty hot still.  I just kept waiting and waiting for that cold front to come thru.  It finally did late Sunday evening. But still ran out of paint.  Got more to keep going now. Better get back to work.  We will see ya soon.

Starting Kitchen Cabinets

 Don't know if you remember.  Hopefully you don't.  But our kitchen was eternally stuck in the 1970's. But see all the aweful scroll work, everywhere/ Under the cabinets, by the kitchen windows, the ugly outdated trim was all over. Now Look!! Much better!!!  Now I just need to start updating all the cabinet doors and all the drawer pulls.  We still havn't decided what to do with the ugly formica cabinet tops and backsplash. I wish I knew someone that could do that epoxy marble look that I see on you tube.  If you know someone that does it and is willing to travel out to East Tawakoni, let me know ok? Started painting on the fence.  It's Coming along. Unfortunately, I don't have any pics to share right now, but I will post some next week. Well better get back to work.  Hopefully we will see all you guys soon.

Fence Fixing

The fence in the front yard has been pretty jacked up every since we bought the place. But no more! We got it all repaired and looking good. Still needs to be painted, but I will knock that out in the next week or so. 

Riding lawn mowers

There is something about a riding lawn mower. Sure you are an adult, but boy does it feel just like being a kids whizzing around the yard on that sucker.  Here is our new to us mower.  My dad gave it to us as they have no need for it any longer. It sure was a blast.  We are still going to be utilizing our neighbor Rick to do most of the heavy lifting because he has a huge commercial mower and our property is like 3 acres. But this will really help out with some touch up work, and like I said, it's a blasty blast. Well back to work. We will see ya'll soon.

Labor Day

You ever just have one of those weekends where you are just like...uggg?  The week has been hectic.....ugg.  The kids are wearing me out.....uggg.  And I am so super tired....uggg. Us Too!!! But thankfully it wasn't this weekend. Wow! We got so super much done this weekend. Take a look below. Here are the updated entry way pictures with the new doors now in place and the top and bottom trims being painted, well primed. Here is one of the bedroom doors, also with the new door finally up.  Baseboard priming going on here too. And here is the new table again.  But with some new chairs.  Our great neighbor down the street got some new chairs and donated his old ones to us.  Wow.  Thank you Breedloves. I am super exhausted.  But also at the same time getting excited seeing the place coming together like this.  Well back to work.  Hope to see ya real soon.  


I should have the new Tshirts up for sale relatively soon. Just trying to tweek the final designs and add a few more choices to pick from.   I am not a photoshop guy.  I sure wish I was.  If any of you are photoshop people out there drop me a line please.  You can contact me on facebook messenger, text, email, or just leave me a comment here. Here are two of the designs that I have so far. I will keep at it and hopefully I hear from one of you guys real soon. And I will be sure to let you know when they become publically available for sale.  Might even have a few contests with some merchandise giveaways.  I will keep you posted. Back to work.  We will see ya'll real soon.