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Upstairs Air Conditioning

  Of course in all this heat, the upstairs A/C would choose to go out on us.  The unit for the upstairs is pretty old and it will need to be replaced but thankfully not today.  Condenser capacitor was bad.   Not a super huge hit.  But all is well again.  Yea!

1958 Potato Chip

 The "Potato Chip" has arrived. We brought back this fun toy from our most recent trip to Cass Lake, Minnesota.  This boat was built by my dad in 1958 in shop class in high school.  He got the drawings and blueprints from an advertisement in the back of a Popular Science magazine.  I have fond memories of zooming around the lake on this sucker when I was a child and cannot wait for my kids to have the same thrill.  If the lake is calm, it's really a rocket.  Here are a couple more photos.  Just need a motor now.  Anyone have a 7-10hp hand controlled boat motor for sale at a reasonable price?  Leave me some comments or drop me a line. Have a good week.  Stay cool.  It's HOT out there.  Hope to see you all soon.

Chilcottage Cookbook

  You got some good recipes? So do we! Check out our new Cookbook. Here is where we will share some of our favorites as well as some from our friends and family and past guests. And if you have some great recipes.  Post them there too.  We would love to see them and try them out! Hope we see and hear from you soon!

Happy Birthday Ellery

Another great birthday celebration at the lake.  So far we have had several family get togethers, 2 birthdays, and 1 family reunion and they have all been great. Come celebrate your next special event at the Lake Tawakoni Chilcottage.  We are still booking out 6 months in advance but hurry up and book before the end of December. Our special friends and family rates end December 31st. We will be going public on AirBNB as of January 1 and the rates will increase to match other properties on the lake. My baby girl is growing up so fast.