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New Tandem Kayak

 We got a new tandem kayak.  We will be making our kayaks available to our guests.  Now I just need to fix up the kayak shack.  I am going to make some shelves to store these on. Now just the long wait for the weather to warm up again. Booking for 2024 is open now at See ya soon!

2024 Reservations NOW OPEN

OUR AIRBNB SITE IS LIVE           The Lake Tawakoni Chilcottage - The Place for  FUN  for Everyone - Since November '21 Click  RIGHT HERE  for our new  AIRBNB link . Reservations for 2024 can be made there.   New Year. New chances to come visit the place to relax and have fun!

Fence Repair - Lakeside

 Got the back fence looking pretty ship shape now.  Now to bribe my kids into painting it too. Another gorgeous end to a pretty fall day.  Even better with the fence repaired finally. Our rose bush looks like it's still blooming.  I didn't know they did that this late in the year.  Must be all the warm weather. And I installed some new shelves in the game closet and stocked it a bit more.  Come enjoy a family game night or two here at the Chilcottage. Hope to see you all real soon.