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New Kitchen Table

Our kitchen table finally came in.  We think it matches nicely with the feel of the room.  These are not the chairs that go with this table.  This is just a hodge podge of chairs that we were given from an open storage unit liquidation down here.  I said we need some chairs.  The owner said, We have chairs, but if you want them you have to take them all.  So I now have a bunch of mismatched wooden chairs.  5 or 6 need repair.  Let me know if you are in need of any chairs. haha. We are going to find a nice bench to go against the wall.  And hopefully and eventually the kitchen countertops will also be this butcher block type.  Well back to work.  Take care and we will see you soon.

Goodbye Popcorn Ceilings

 The last of the popcorn ceilings are finally gone.  Yuck!  The stairway ceiling was the last place in the house that had that nasty acoustic ceiling texturing.  This house has been way more work than we anticipated.  We are both really happy with how it turned out. Let us know what you thing in the comments section or drop us a line. You know the email.  Well Back to work!  See ya'll soon!

New Curtain Rods & Curtains

 We put up the new curtain rods and curtains in the master bedroom and are quite pleased with them. They really dress up the room and they are blackout curtains. They are perfect to darken the room for an afternoon nap after being out on the water all day. We also got the curtain rods up in one of the guest bedrooms, but we haven't quite figured out the new curtains yet.  In these pictures are the old curtains. Well back to work. See ya soon!

276 Quinlan Bypass

So TXDOT (Texas Department of Transportation) is creating a Quinlan bypass. It kinda sucks for all the old main street businesses (can anyone say Pixar's Cars?) but it will really allieviate some horrible traffic thru town and on highway 34 also. And bonus for us. It will shave 10 minutes off the commute time from dfw. So. I am probably guessing that the completion date might be a bit off judging as how it has already passed, but I think that my guess would be, probably completed before the end of the year. Well back to work.  See ya soon.

Little Mule

One of our super cool neighbors out here just gave us a golf cart, totally free.  We are going to call it Little Mule. It's going to need a little fixing up, but nothing super major.  And someone is super excited to drive it already.  Yep. It's me!!! haha. ----------- Here's the new entry way table. It's coming together nicely. ----------------------- Here's the new BBQ grill. Thank you Grandma and Papa. ------------------ And our lawn looks pretty good with a cut.  Thanks Rick. Back to work.  See ya next week!