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Update 11-25-2023

Fall at the lake is the prettiest!  Leaves are still on the trees.  It is turning cooler and the sun sets right at the back of the house on the lake. We are adding last minute touches and finishing up remaining projects.  Be watching for the new AIRBNB booking link coming soon.  

TV Cabling

  Spent a lot of this last weekend in the attic.  I haven't had to do that in quite a while.  Did two wall drops to finish up connecting the last remaining tv's to the outdoor antenna.  Now all the bedrooms can not only get the local channels and news, but also the cowboys games (which is far more important).  We are working on our AIRBNB write up for the listing.  We can't wait to have you all out.  See ya soon!

Fireplace? Yes, Please.

We found these bargains at the early black friday sales at Lowes.  We think they are super cute.  The house didn't have an actual fireplace, and we kinda wanted the asthetic beauty of one, so we bought two.  One for the master and one for the living room. We then repurposed some of the other furniture upstairs, and think it looks pretty good. I added some new lighting above the kitchen sink. And added some new storage in the pantry. and in the game closet. Let us know what you think.  And we will see you soon.

Coffee Bar Now Open

Caffeine is your friend. Stop by and have a cup of joe. or tea. or cocoa.  We finally figured out what to put in this awkward little space. We think it turned out super cute.  Hurry up and come by to see it.  See ya soon.  We bettewr get back to work.  More updates coming soon and we make this final push to have it ready.