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Spring Break Booking Now

Just a reminder that we are currently booking out 9 months in advance on Airbnb. So even though the new year just started, it's not too early to start thinking about warmer weather and spring breaks. The Chilcottage on Lake Tawakoni is the perfect place to book your getaway.  

New Art & Upstairs Update

  We got some of the art hung that we both received and got ourselves for Christmas.  I think these metal fish are pretty unique. The captains wheel below is one that my dad rescued from Minnesota.  Supposedly it came off an old barge that used to traverse the Mississippi River with goods.  He fixed it up and refinished it and I think it's a really neat piece, especially with the history and all. This one below, needs some better lighting for one thing.  I will take a better photo next weekend.  They are 2 old (1930s) fishing poles from the Original Chilcottage up in Minnesota.  See the HISTORY page for more info on that.  I want to supplement this with some neat fishing lures.  More on that to come. More decorations up in the bunkbed area upstairs.  Now I just need to hide that power cable on that tv. Some neat wood cut-out picture of sailboats that my dad and his new wife gave is for Christmas. I will take closer, better pictures on these later. They look great upstairs. What? A

Dock Update

The new metal posts and handrails for the dock are now all in and painted. It looks much better now.  And it is now safe and sound too. Onto the the next step.  A deep power washing and some new staining on the entire dock.  The going is slow, expecially with this cold weather but its coming along. And once again another beautiful sunset out here.  I will never tire of seeing these. Remember reservations are now open for 2024 on airbnb. And we look forward to seeing you soon!  

Lakeside Fence Painting

Me and my little helpers got some more of the back fence repaired and now painted.  It's really starting to look pretty great. and check out another gorgeous sunset.

New Decorations + Small Appliances

We got some new room decorations and small appliances for Christmas for the lake. Here is a cute little art type sailboat thing we put up in the sunset room. New 4 toast toaster.  Much better and faster for families like ours, and probably yours too. New up-date to the coffee bar.  New coffee maker that not only does large pots of coffee but also the k-cups.  So super convenient. Bookings are now starting to come in.  Check out the AIRBNB site to book your stay now. Our family looks forward to having you stay soon!