First Fishes & More Eagles

 We went fishing off the dock this weekend with a neighbor.  It only took a few minutes until we caught several big catfish.  It was the first time fishing for the kids.  They were so excited.  Colton, Ellery, and even Delanay all caught some big ones.  Blue Catfish and Channel Catfish, and some Carp ranging in size from about 1 foot long to 3 foot long.  It was surprising. And we saw another bald eagle. Oh and we did more painting.  Almost all the ceilings done downstairs.  And our lake house now sleeps 10.  It's been slow but we are getting there.  I will post some bedroom photos later.

Water Leak Fixed

 Had a plumber come out and take a look at our massive water leak under the bathtub.  If you live around Lake Tawakoni and have a water leak or plumbing issue, call K & K Plumbing.  903-527-3696  They were fast, honest, and affordable.  I highly recommend them. We got some new living room furniture for the place and got some of it moved down and into the house. We made some more progress in the downstairs bedrooms too.