Hoops Anyone?

 First off, if you don't know about or the nextdoor app, you definitely need to check those out.  That and the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store have been invaluable resources for free and super low cost items for almost any need that you might have. A neighbor up in Allen, his kids outgrew their basketball hoops goal.  We got it completely FREE.  The hardest part was transporting it down to the lake, but slowly and surely we managed. We hope to have lots of fun things to enjoy during your stays there.  Not only lake toys but basketball, volleyball, ladder golf, cornhole.  We have some big plans. Didn't get a ton done this weekend, but here is the short list of activity. We got the stairway ceiling painted.  It was just mudded and textured, but now it's painted too. Here is an updated picture of the living room coming together, with our kids hard at work, as you can tell. And then, ever so slowly we have been updating the wall decor.  That has been one of the fun

Shaker Style Cabinet Doors

 Well now that we got all the room doors done, it's time to move onto a new project.  We are trying to update the 70's style kitchen to something a little more modern.  But there are really only 2 problems there.  1) I don't have a clue what I am doing. 2) We don't have the money to hire someone that does.  So what do ya do?  Watch a bunch of youtube! Chelsea finished up with the wallpaper in the main bathroom, and it turned out pretty great. Also got the new cabinet draw pulls on. Now we just need to decide what color for the walls in there. New kitchen curtain tie backs installed.  Pretty sweet. New king size beds finally assembled and ready for use.  Still waiting on Nebraska Furniture Mart to deliver the stinking nightstands.  Almost 1 year worth of delivery chain issues? Sure. Now we got 2 kings.  2 queens. 2 bunkbeds. and we are considering putting in a trundle / daybed that was gifted to us from her excellent uncle. So now it sleeps 12. (8 adults and 4 kids) We a