Highway 205 Construction

They are starting work on another roadway leading to our lakehouse.  The last one shaved off 10 minutes form our trip.  Let hope this one does the same.  Highway 205 from Lavon to Rockwall is going from 2 lanes to 4 lanes with maybe a turn lane also.  For those of you coming from Dallas on I-30, or elsewhere this will mean nothing to you.  But we are pretty excited about it. Here is the map that shows the construction project.

Mirror Framing

We used the long weekend to finish framing out the bathroom mirrors. Below you can see the before and after pictures. And if you like this look, I can make some you too. All you have to do is measure your mirror, pick you size and stain or paint color and then checkout.  Click below for the Etsy link. Eaty Page - coming soon This is the master bathroom. This is the guest bathroom. We also had an electrician install several new electrical outlets. Woops. Forgot to take pictues of that. I will post those next week.  Hope to see ya'll soon.