New Target Date - January 2023

Our new target date to have our Chilcottage available to be rented out on AIRBNB is now January 2023.  We have been making slow progress with mainly Chelsea and I doing all the work.  It's been really tough and the kids have been super bored, but we want it to be great, not only us but for everyone to enjoy.  And they say slow and steady wins the race.  Anyways, there have been a ton of updates recently.  We have the two bunkbeds upstairs now for the kids.  Most of the bedrooms are now complete.  We are still working to update the bathrooms and kitchens.  And we got most of the painting done in the closets.  Also I got a chance to use my new WARRIOR 10 Inch 15 AMP Table Saw from Harbor Freight.  I have to say, for only $150, it was way better than I ever expected.  Here are some of the most recent photos.

We have the new sofa too.  But all the photos with it looked kinda junky as we still have lots of buildfing material, paint cans, and misc. remodeling stuff cluttering up the shot.  I will post better pics later.
Well we better get back to work.  See ya soon.