Holiday Weekend Update


But we finally got all the doors updated and installed.

I like the way they turned out.

This might seem kinda silly, but in other door related news, all the bedroom and bathroom doors that needed locks on them, now have locks on them.

We finally got the King bed that we ordered in January in and have started getting it assembled.  But oddly enough, the night stands still have not arrived.

We have also started assembling the king bed for the upstairs too.

Started putting in the wallpaper in the main hallway bathroom.

I got some poles, to start working on some new street signs for the neighborhood.

And finally we were offered a boat for free.  But with the amount of work that we currently have, there is NO WAY that we are ready to undertake another project right now.  Anyone want a boat? Just let me know.

Long weekend.  Better get back to it.  We will see you all real soon.  Take care!