Dock Remodel

And now it looks like we are doing a dock remodel too.  Along with all the house remodeling that we are doing, it's really adding up. But it's really starting to look nice too.

We are going to replace all the failing wooden hand railings with weather-proof metal pipe railing.  Like the picture below.

All the existing wood will be power washed and stained.  Any aging or warped boards will be replaced. There will be new stairs and railing running down to the water.  3 new piers to brace up the existing structure.  And more secure stairs going up to the 2nd level.

Eventually we would like to replace all of the aging wood with trex, add a double jet ski hoist and launch, and a closet to store lake toys and fishing poles in.  But you should have seen the price that they wanted to charge for all of that.  It was insane and will have to wait till next season.

We might have to close off booking out the house for 1 possibly 2 weeks, in order for us to be there during construction.  But I will let everyone know and keep the calendar updated as we find out more information.  Anyways, back to work.  See ya Soon!

UPDATE 07/28/2023

The dock update has officially started.  We couldn't be more excited!  I will post some pics soon.