Porch Steps Fixed

We put in some much-needed additional railing on the back porch.  Now we just need to stain it.  I might even put a little gate on there too.

I got the fence repaired again.  This seems to be a never ending job.  I am probably going to have to drop the hammer and replace a lot of these boards. But the price of lumber is outrageous.

What you are looking at here is a wonky angle photo of the new heater unit installed in the master bathroom.  It still has the tape around it, because we had to touch up the paint on the ceiling.

Put up 3 new smoke detectors.

Installed a carbon monoxide detector.  Pretty useless because everything in the house is electric.  But the short term rental websites require one. So we have one.

Got a ring toss game for the porch.  Now I just need to put it up.

I converted some unused space above to microwave into additional cabinet space.  I got coozies up there. haha.

Got a new bathroom rug for this bathroom.

Some more pictures of the beautiful sunsets this past weekend.